Taking Care of Business

October 1, 2013 - 14:42 — KentPalmer
Taking Care of Business

Having a good business idea and lots of determination are generally great prerequisites to starting a successful business.  Another important step is obtaining authoritative market information in order to write an appropriate business plan and to create a marketing strategy.  Taking the time to get complete and accurate data will enable an entrepreneur to focus energy and resources in the right direction.  Up-to-date information can also form the foundation for staff training and development as a business gets underway.  Knowing where a business will fit into a competitive environment helps not only to formulate business strategies but will also help to keep key players focused on those strategies.

Naperville Public Library is the place to become whatever one desires.  That includes becoming successful business owners and managers.  This is done by providing access to helpful information.  The library’s print collection is one good source of business information.  Another excellent source of authoritative information that is sometimes less well known is found in the library’s online resources.

A great example of these resources is Plunkett Research Online, which is perfect for understanding business trends. This database resource provides up-to-date research on over 34 industries and several thousand companies.  It is easily accessed from the library’s home webpage by clicking on the “Resources” tab and locating it in the alphabetical listing of online resources.

Plunkett provides exceptional insights into market trends and individual company results and activities.  This market data can be extremely useful to entrepreneurs preparing business plans, loan applications and investor presentations.  Other ways to use Plunkett might include targeting new customers in an industry or studying business trends to identify new product and service ideas.

Not only will new business startups find Plunkett useful, but more established small businesses may likewise benefit from this significant data resource as well.  Research and development staff of a small business can make excellent use of this resource in day-to-day tracking of industry trends and in the development of ongoing business strategies.

Click this link for the Top Five Uses for Plunkett Research Online.

The library’s reference staff can assist interested persons in getting started with this and several other business research databases.  It is also possible to make an appointment for a consultation at one of the three locations with a member of the business services team.  Give us a call or stop in, we’ll be happy to assist.