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  • Stupid Fast
    This is a great book about Felton, a kid who has a quick raise in his social status after he hits his growth spurt and grows a lot of muscle. Everything is going well after he meets a girl, Aleah, but then his mom is found to be an alcoholic. This is a great book about how Felton faces challenges and follows his dreams.... more
  • Blowout
    It was awesome, I could not put the book down! ... more
  • Waterloo
    Arguably the best Sharpe novel, this book covers the final days of the Hundred Days and the war of the sixth coalition, giving the reader a perfect picture of one of Europe's most important battles. Strongly recommended.... more
  • The adeventures of a south pole pig
    kind of funny. nice and sweet story. This book is about a pig named Flora with a crazy dream to become a sled pig. But she is willing to give it all. Then Flora got taken away onto a ship to be food! There she meets a cat called Sophia, a dog called Oscar, and they had adventures together.(As the title implies) I recommend this if you're an animal soul ... more