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  • After the End
    This was a bit too dull for me, to tell the truth. Try it out, though; see if you like it.... more
  • Found
    I liked this book for its mysterious events. This book is about this boy Jonah that has always known he was adopted but one day he starts getting notes from a unknown person. Then, he finds out he is one of the missing. ... more
  • Allegiant
    I didn't quite like the ending, but overall, it was a really touching story narrated by the two main characters. I would like to say a couple of spoilers, but since this review is going to be public, I won't. I think that Four and Tris didn't really have focused minds like they had in Divergent. Other than that, I think that Allegiant could make you dislike Veronica Roth, like I did after reading it. But I especially liked how Tris still loved her brother after all she has been through. ... more