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  • Scorch Trials
    I LOVE this book! It was so good and it never slowed down. This book had a great transition from the last book to the third book. I can't wait to read it. I recommend this book to everyone, but I will say that it does get bloody.... more
  • True Lies
    This finally fully explains what happens before the Lying Game series. It is a short novella but is just as good as any book in the series... more
  • Rebel Belle
    It was unusual (but cool) to read from a "girly-girl's" POV. Although ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger, it was pretty good. Give it a try.... more
  • Lord of the Flies
    This book is about a group of boys that crash land on a deserted island. They must try and stick together to survive until they get rescued. Even though this story has a literal meaning, it is also very symbolic. Each character represents a characteristic of human nature. Golding's interpretation of human nature is written in this book. ... more