August 7, 2013 - 15:00 — WayneLex
Did you ever lose important files that were located on your flash drive, your CD or even your computer?
It's time you saved you files in the Clouds using a cloud storage service.
Cloud Storage refers to space for your files that is located on a storage unit you accessed through the internet.
Cloud Storage vendors such as Dropbox provides a secure way of remotely logging in and storing your data online. Most all vendors supply tools to manage, share and backup your data if you like. The Cloud services I mainly used in the past were: Dropbox, Google Drive, Spider Oak and Ubuntu One. There are many more available. I will use Dropbox in my example to explain how to start using cloud storage. I will only cover simple file storage and download and not all of the other features at this time.

Getting Started

The first 2GB of storage using Dropbox is free and through trickery you can get more storage for free or purchase up to 500G for $499/yr.Let's get a free Dropbox account. In any browser go to and click on "Sign up".
To signup just fill in the blanks and click on "Sign Up" again.
Sign up
This will be the next page after signup. For this session I will not cover this. This download, when install will create a Folder called Dropbox that will have a direct link to your dropbox on the web.
Click on "Dropbox" to proceed.

This is the next page that will show up. This explains how to get more space for free.You can return the this by clicking on "Get Started" located on the left side. Click "Dropbox" located on the upper left side to continue.

This is the final page. This is where your files and folders will be stored. The "Getting Started.pdf" file explains how to use Dropbox.

There are basically 3 methods to move files and folders back and forth.
  • My favorite is Drag and Drop. Hold down the mouse left button on a file or folder and Drag it to or from dropbox and drop it, release button.
  • Second method is to click on the the "Upload icon". You will see this box. It will be empty the first time. Click on "Add more files" and look for file to upload.
  • Third method is to install the downloader and copy file and folders into the Dropbox folder.
This image is the second method.


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