June 16, 2014 - 14:29 — KentPalmer

Small Business owners may be interested in Google’s new social networking community and its Helpouts page.   Both were created especially for small businesses and were announced by Google in mid-May during the SBA's National Small Business Week.

According to a recent article in Small Business Trends (an online publication) the Google Business Community has been established as a Google+ social network open to the public.  Anyone with a Google+ profile can join and be connected to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  As described in their blog, the Google Small Business Community team says it will provide “information and inspiration.  Daily posts, weekly trainings and regular Hangout series will be based directly on what [users] want to learn. And a team of trusted Advisors and Googlers with digital expertise will always be around to answer questions.”  

The new Helpouts page, also created especially for small businesses, will consist of live one-on-one video calls for the purpose of obtaining help and guidance from someone with expertise in a particular area of interest.  This requires a Web cam or front-facing camera on your computer or mobile device and Google will provide the platform for the video connection.

Some Helpouts sessions will be free, but others will carry a charge at rates established by the expert giving advice.  If a fee is required, participants will use the Google Wallet shopping cart service to make their payment.

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