August 21, 2014 - 15:30 — DeannaDonovan

Sometimes when school starts, the feeling of family fun and togetherness feels like it's coming to an end but it doesn't have to.  Maybe a parent-child book club would help? 

Whether you start a book club on your own or you join one that is designed for you like a parent-child book club you'll find that there are many benefits.  Sharing the love of reading and discussing the book along with your child in a group setting can provide opportunity for exploration.  It can offer togetherness with a time that is set aside for the reading and club meeting.  A shy child is encouraged to share and speak up in a safe small group setting helping them to gain more confidence.  Learning about others by taking turns and listening to their point of view creates an atmosphere of respect for others.  Often times parents and children do not interact in a setting where both of their opinions carry the same amount of weight.  This can be a growing experience for both the parent and the child.  Sharing a book and then discussing it offers another avenue to discuss topics and important issues that may not ordinarily present themselves in the rush of the day to day busyness. Reading together can help develop fluency and learning to read with expression.  Kids will gain better comprehension of written material when books are discussed and they may be exposed to new ideas and concepts through the sharing nature of the book discussion.  A child will also have an opportunity to practice new vocabulary and make predictions about what would happen next.  Book clubs also offer parents a way to model literacy for their children as they enjoy the stories and characters together.

So if you think a book club might just be the thing for you then you're in luck because Naperville Public Library has a parent-child program called the Book & Cookie Club for children in grades 3-5.  Meet with us at either Naper Blvd or Nichols to join in the discussion.  Details and registration information can be found here for Naper Blvd and here for Nichols.