November 21, 2012 - 16:34 — Anonymous

As you head into your holiday festivities this year, don't be baffled by those over-the-dinner table reference questions.  You know the type.  Your grandma wants to know which e-reader to buy; your cousin wonders aloud about the weather 50 years ago; and your little sister - procrastinating as she does on her college term paper - desperately needs to learn APA citation.  Okay, maybe your family isn't as weird as mine.   But if it is, and if the Library happens to be closed (hey, we eat turkey, too), then give a look-see at these FREE online resources: 

  • - An online "collective of the tech-savvy and tech-obsessed," this site is like Consumer Reports for technology.  Check out their 2012 Holiday Gift Guide to get recommendations for an e-reader for Grandma - and then find some exciting Black Friday deals for yourself.Internet
  • Wolfram Alpha - Impress everyone at the table with this online database developed by Stephen Wolfram and his team of computer science and trivia geeks.  Submit your question as it pops into your head and receive expert and clean answers.  What was the weather in Chicago on November 21, 1962?  It was 53 degrees and rainy, and the sun set at 4:26 pm CST.
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - Nobody wants to think about APA citation when Mom starts serving apple pie, so direct your sister to Purdue University's OWL.  Access the APA Formatting and Style Guide complete with instructions and examples.  This information is authoritative, always available, and up-to-date. Thanks, Purdue!


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