February 13, 2013 - 15:19 — Anonymous

We all know by now that the Naperville Public Library is stellar.  We also know that our patrons are whip-smart and capable.  But it still happens: there are those moments when all you have is one quick question and we're not available immediately to answer it.  For some of these questions, even Google and Siri are no help.  (Yes, that happens, too).  So what does an industrious library goer do?  That's right: she consults our free gems of the Web, the best things in life, those free online resources!

This edition highlights some always-available sites for those pesky number questions.  When is "Zero Dark Thirty" out on DVD?  What's the call number for French grammar?  Exactly how much snow will Naperville get on Friday?Woman with Laptop

  • Video ETA - Managed by a home entertainment distributor, this site is a very reliable source for video and game release dates.  Stop by to find out the exact day you can count on a specific title arriving in stores, or browse for upcoming movies and games.  You can even sign up for e-mail reminders.  "Zero Dark Thirty" arrives in stores on March 19.
  • OCLC Dewey Summaries - From the people who currently maintain the Dewey Decimal Classification system, this site is handy for finding just the right DDC number to take with you to Library shelves.  This page offers a free breakdown to the thousand sections - the third digit.  French grammar can be found at 445.
  • Accuweather Naperville - The weather team at the ABC network has compiled an attractive and informative source for weather forecasts.  Their forecast for Naperville on Friday, February 15 predicts an hour of snowfall and 0.1 inches total.  Check back for interesting weather facts and a migraine and allergy forecast!


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