May 13, 2014 - 10:32 — DeannaDonovan

There are many more reasons to celebrate than just our usual group of American holidays.  Add some fun to each month by celebrating the designated small and unusual days that you may not even be aware exist.  Let’s look at a few upcoming dates and think about all the fun they could inspire.

  • May 14 - Dance Like a Chicken Day - This one is easy and fun just break out the Chicken Dance song and cluck away!
  • May 15 – National Chocolate Chip Day - Do you really need suggestions for this one?
  • May 23 – Lucky Penny Day – Find a penny, pick it up, but only if it’s on heads because that is what makes a penny lucky.
  • June 1 – Flip a Coin Day – Let the kiddos decide between two fun activities by way for flipping a coin to decide.
  • June 3 – Repeat Day, Repeat Day… Do I need to repeat myself?  You betcha!
  • June 4 – Old Maid Day - Have fun by playing this favorite card game several times throughout the day.
  • June 6 – National Doughnut Day – Sometimes you can score a free doughnut if you know where to look!
  • June 13 – Blame Someone Else Day – Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it!
  • June 18 – Go Fishing Day – This one is fun.  Have the kids all select an item to use as bait and see which bait catches the most fish.
  • June 21 – Finally Summer Day – It’s the Summer Solstice so stay up and play until it gets dark, really dark.
  • June 29 – Camera Day – I love this one!  Give the kids a camera and see the world through their eyes.  I bet you’ll be very surprised and delighted by what they see. 

These are just a few of the fun dates out there.  You can easily discover new ones by doing your own search on the internet.


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