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March 17 is the time of year to celebrate all things Irish, regardless of your heritage. In fact, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the globe with parades and festivities ranging in places from Argentina to Moscow. So, come to the Naperville Public Library and get your green on with a wide range of books, music, and films that represent  the people, history and culture and stories of Ireland.

For facts and trivia about Ireland, check out "101 Things You Didn't Know About Irish History: The People, Places, Culture, and Traditions of the Emerald Isle," "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Irish History and Culture," or "Everything Irish: The History, Literature, Art, Music, People, and Places of Ireland from A-Z."


Enenyaya: The New Age singer and instrumentalist with the ethereal voice has received the Grammy Award for "Shepherd Moons," "The Memory of Trees," "A Day Without Rain," and "Amarantine."

Cceltictenorseltic Tenors: The vocal trio perfoms traditional Celtic and pop music with a modern touch on "So Strong." Click here for additional Celtic sound recordings.

Uu22: One of Ireland’s most famous exports, the band has carved their place in music history as one of rock’s most enduring lineups. Check out "The Joshua Tree," "Achtung Baby," or their greatest hits compilations "The Best of 1980-1990," and "The Best of 1990-2000."

Vavanmorrisonn Morrison: The Irish soul singer has had a string of hits during his decades-long career, including "Brown-Eyed Girl" and "Wild Nights." Some of his classic albums include "Astral Weeks," and "Moondance," as well as "Irish Heartbeat," a collection of traditional Irish songs.


Maeve Binchy: Known for her heartwarming depictions of small-town Irish life, Binchy gained an international fan base with "Tara Road," "Circle of Friends," and "Evening Class." Her final book "Chestnut Street," completed just before her death in 2012, will be published in America this April.

Marian Keyes: Keyes’s writing is inspired by her personal struggles with alcoholism and depression but her characters and stories are uplifting and will make you laugh out loud, including "Rachel’s Holiday," "Anybody Out There," and "This Charming Man."


"Thecommitments Commitments" - Story of a young rebel soul band from the Dublin ghetto, and their struggle to make it in the music business.




"Thegangsnewyork Gangs of New York"-In 1846, waves of Irish immigrants poured into the New York neighborhood of Five Points. "Billy the Butcher" bands his fellow "Native Americans" into a gang to take on the Irish gang "The Dead Rabbits," organized by Priest Vallon. After a bloody clash Vallon is dead and his son ends up in a brutal reform school. In 1862, that boy returns to seek vengeance against the man that killed his father.

"michaelcollinsMichael Collins
"-Presents the life of an Irish man whose dreams inspired hope, whose words ignited passion, and whose courage forged a nation's destiny.

"Ooncence"-A Guy lives in Dublin. He is a guitarist/singer-songwriter who makes a living by fixing vacuum cleaners in his Dad's Hoover repair shop by day. By night, he sings and plays for money on the Dublin streets. A Girl from Czechoslovakia loves to play the piano when she gets a chance. During the day she does odd jobs. At night she takes care of her mom and her daughter. Guy meets Girl, and they get to know each other. Girl helps Guy put together a demo disc so he can take it to London in hope of landing a music contract. At the same time, the Guy and the Girl work through their past loves, and reveal their budding love for one another, through their songs.

"Wneddevineaking Ned Devine"
-When Ned Devine dies from shock after winning the lottery, two longtime friends, Michael and Jackie, discover the body and agree Ned would want them to benefit from his good luck.  They embark upon an outrageous scheme to claim the ticket -- but first they have to get all the townsfolk to go along with their plan.


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