July 16, 2014 - 15:44 — KentPalmer

Most customers respond well to sincere attempts to address their concerns, but there are a few types of customers who are notoriously difficult for even the most accommodating service person. Writing for Entrepreneur Magazine Online, Logan Strain focuses on three of the most common varieties of what he calls “headache-inducing customers”.

First are the “unreasonable demands” customers.  They ask for the impossible and appear shocked when they don’t get it, insisting that your competitors would happily meet their demands.

Next are the “just wants to vent” customers.  They complain about anything and everything, often including personal problems for which they’d like a sympathetic ear.

Finally we have the “colorful language” users.  Yes, you know what we really mean by “colorful language” and while we’ve all heard it before, it does make it challenging to stay calm and remain polite.

Strain goes on in his article to give more complete guidance on dealing with challenging customer situations.  The full article is linked here.

The Naperville Public Library also has some excellent books on how to best serve your customers. Here are a few suggestions we hope you’ll find helpful:

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