November 29, 2012 - 16:59 — LizLonde

Dance the Winter Away with music and songs from our CD and DVD collection. It’s getting cold and the kids can’t get outside to play but they need to burn off some energy. Have no fear!! Music is here!! DJ Jazzy Liz will make you cheer!

When looking for songs for my storytimes, I like to find ones that grab me, have lots of action and movement and yes, tend to be a bit loud; but then that’s so me! The kind you certainly can use during these long indoor winter months ahead. So, have no fear, come to the library and check out  any one of our many CD’s or DVD’s that will make your child want to get up and dance the winter blahs away; burning off energy while having lots of fun.

Here are some of my favorite choices -
The Wiggles’ CD’s and DVD’s, both found under J782.42WIG, are always good for movement so check out any of those. And by the way, did you know three of the Wiggles are stepping down and will be replaced with three new Wiggles. The next generation of Wiggles is coming soon.

Greg & SteveYou can’t go wrong with Greg & Steve’s songs; Body Rock, The Freeze, Can’t Sit Still, and my two all-time favorites, The Mack Chicken Dance and If You Feel Like Rocking. Come in and we can help you find the CD’s these songs are on or you can find them easily at J782.42GRE

One great CD  is Songs for Wiggleworms, found under J782.42SON. This CD is chocked full of good songs and includes my favorite version of the Hokey Pokey as well as the Goodbye Song that I use to end all my Family Storytimes.

Another group you can’t go wrong with is Learning Station, found under J782.42LEA. We have 13 different CD’s of theirs, each one having songs filled with movement like the Milkshake Song, Five Little Monkeys, If You’re Happy & You Know It and so many more.

One song I could do every storytime is; wait, I do this one each storytime!!  It’s a great one - My Energy by Laurie Berkner, found on her Under a Shady Tree CD. Now that one should really wear the kids out, or at least you!

There are so many songs and artist that can help you through the long winter months, so be sure to stop by and check out our collection of CD’s and DVD’s. Be sure to say DJ Jazzy Liz sent me or just check out our music section, J782.42, in CD’s and DVD’s for ones you like.

Everybody Dance Now!!


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