April 4, 2014 - 10:52 — ShannonMcNaperville

Remember the days before the Internet when you had to get your news from a paper? Here are some books to remind you...or introduce you to that time if you weren't around!

- Black and White and Dead All Over (Darnton, John) -- A detective and a reporter investigate the murder of a newspaper editor.

- Getting Lucky (Brod, D.C.) -- A freelance writer discovers assorted dark undercurrents as she takes on a job with a local newspaper.

- Love on Assignment (James, Cara Lynn) -- Newspaper reporter Charlotte goes undercover as a governess to spy on her employer, but discovers that he isn't what he seems.

- Words Spoken True (Gabhart, Ann H.) -- Adriane fights to support her father's newspaper in a time of political turmoil while battling the alluring editor of a rival paper.

- Mr. Sampath the Printer of Malgudi (Narayan, R.K.) -- When an Indian newspaperman's business gues under, he turns to a new field: film-making.



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