April 25, 2014 - 14:45 — ShannonMcNaperville

Coming up: May 3rd is the Kentucky Derby, and we've got a lineup of winning reads for you! So put on your big hat, grab your mint julep and settle in with one of these horse-tastic novels!

- Author Dick Francis, a retired jockey, was famed for his suspense novels set against the world of horseracing. His son Felix has now taken over the franchise.
- Derby Day (D.J. Taylor) - Victorian high society is the focus of this book, as a sweeping array of characters' lives circle around the season's largest horserace.
- A Horse Called Hustle (CJ Love) - Jessa is determined to win back her grandfather's beloved horse in a high-stakes game of poker. But will she lay her heart on the table along with her cards?
- Lean on Pete (Willy Vlautin) - A homeless teen finds a friend in an aging racehorse.
- Lord of Misrule (Jaimy Gordon) - The world of a down-at-heels racetrack includes trainers, owners, and even scammers. Who really rules?




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