August 7, 2014 - 16:04 — ShannonMcNaperville

This week-end is the perfect time to go camping, because August 10th is National S'mores Day! (And yes, it's an officially recognized national day, and that requires an act of Congress.) If you're the sort who'd rather toast marshmallows in your fireplace rather than the dark scary woods, here are some books about camping for you to enjoy!

-Dark Mountain, by Richard Laymon -- A California camping trip turns dangerous when a mother and son with terrifying powers terrorize vacationers.

- Exclusively Yours, by Shannon Stacey -- Part of the Kowalski Family series. Keri's heart was broken by reclusive writer Joe. Now she's supposed to get an interview out of him for work...but he'll only do it if she comes on a camping trip with his family! (The title Love a Little Sideways in this series also features camping.)

- Back of Beyond, by C.J. Box -- Cody's a cop and a long-sober alcoholic. When his Alcoholics Anonymous mentor is found dead in a burned cabin, Cody knows it's up to him to solve the mystery of his friend's death.

- Summer is Ended & We are Not Yet Saved, by Joey Comeau -- Martin's at Bible Camp for the summer. But the campers are being picked off, slasher-style. Are you a horror fan? This one's for you.

- The Bear, by Claire Cameron -- Five-Year-old Anna must escape with her brother into the wilderness when a bear attacks their family campsite and preys upon their parents. Will the two small children survive a battle against the elements?


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