January 24, 2013 - 01:00 — JulieDiekmann

Are you dreaming of a greener and cleaner winter?  If so, I have the perfect recyclable (green) craft that you and your family can make together for all those little treasures that are lying around.  I hope that you enjoy making the Green Clean Treasure Box. 


recycle craft box

Images from newspapers, magazines, photos, cartoons, etc.
Liquid Glue
Small Bowl
Paint Brush
Empty cardboard box such as a shoe box
Paint (Optional)

• Paint the box (optional).  Allow the box to dry.
• Cut out the pictures and images that you would like to glue on the box.
• Glue the pictures on the box.
• Pour some glue into a bowl, add water, and stir.  Use equal amounts of glue and water.
• Paint with the glue and water mixture over the pictures to seal the pictures on the boxes.
• Allow the box to dry.
• Put all those little treasures in your treasure box to have a cleaner, greener winter.

I enjoyed making a treasure box with my husband.  He collects comics and I wanted a place to keep all of his badges and pins.   Please share with us how you made your treasure box.