October 2, 2013 - 13:29 — Anonymous

He's one of those writers everyone knew, and he's left us too soon.  Tom Clancy, author of The Hunt for Red October and creator of beloved character Jack Ryan, passed away yesterday at the age of 66.  His bold and action-packed novels incorporated politics, military intrigue, and current technology, and they were often impressively prescient.  A USA Today article reminds us of a 1994 Clancy novel in which a "rogue pilot crash[es] a 747 into the Capitol as the president addresses a joint session of Congress."  In a 2002 interview with the paper, Clancy expressed his own surprise, declaring himself "no expert on terrorism."

Whatever the inspiration for this insurance salesman-turned-writer, Clancy's nineteen novels and countless works of military and historical nonfiction have kept us captivated for the last thirty years.  Dedicated readers will be glad to know that a new Jack Ryan novel, Command Authority, will be published on December 3 of this year.

Get your hands on that one, plus the latest six Jack Ryan books (and don't forget to find his audiobooks and DVDs)!  (Synopses from NoveList).

  1. Threat Vector Threat Vector(December 2012)
    As China plans to invade Taiwan, and launches a cyber attack on the U.S., President Jack Ryan, his son, and the team at the Campus have to act fast if they are going to stop the increasingly rogue nation.
  2. Locked On Locked On(December 2011)
    Coming out of retirement to run for president, Jack Ryan finds himself in the middle of a high-stakes attack from his opponent as his close comrade, John Clark, is the subject of treacherous charges, at the same time Jack Ryan, Jr. and other members of Campus struggle to stop terrorists.
  3. Dead or Alive Dead or Alive(December 2010)
    Receiving intelligence from the Campus that the world's most threatening terrorist has been tracked to a specific location, Jack Ryan, Jr., the organization's latest recruits and his cousins embark on a dangerous mission to capture him.
  4. When a terrorist leader and a drug warlord form a dangerous alliance, three new Hendley Associates agents--FBI agent Dominic Caruso, his Marine captain brother Brian, and their cousin, Jack Ryan, Jr.--encounter unexpected dangers.
  5. Newly elected President Jack Ryan finds himself dealing with a revolution in Liberia, a troubled Asian economoy, an attempted assassination in Russia, and more.
  6. Rainbow Six Rainbow Six(August 1998)
    Former Navy SEAL John Clark leads a Europe-based special force composed of international agents to combat terrorism. The force tackles the occupation of a Swiss bank, an amusement park massacre and eco-terrorism.