June 5, 2013 - 16:05 — Anonymous

Looking for your new favorite book? Let the Naperville Public Library help you find it with MatchBook. This new service offers Naperville Library cardholders a customized list of titles, selected by expert library staff.

Cardholders fill out the MatchBook Questionnaire to help determine personal reading tastes. MatchBookThe Questionnaire asks for preferences on pacing, length, time frame, and ambiguous vs. resolved endings, among other important factors. It also asks users to rate their interest in certain nonfiction topics, as well as the appeal of particular genres and subgenres, including, but not limited to, fantasy, chick lit, science fiction, crime fiction, historical fiction, and literary fiction. Favorite authors and books are taken into account, as are books that the user did not enjoy at all.

The service can be used to find both Adult and YA titles in fiction or nonfiction. The more thoroughly the questionnaire is filled out, the more accurate the MatchBook list will be. The survey takes about five to 10 minutes to complete, and users have the option to have holds placed on all of the titles they are matched with automatically. A personalized reading list of at least 10 titles will be emailed to the user within 10 business days of completing the questionnaire.

Fill out our MatchBook Questionnaire and get matched with a new list of books for the summer!

Other resources:
-For book recommendations by email: http://www.naperville-lib.org/content/suggestions-email-1
-Readers Corner: http://www.naperville-lib.org/content/looking-good-book-0

(This post was written by Kerry Conway and published by Sarah Vessalo).


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