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You want to read a borrowed Amazon ebook but don't have a Kindle?
You don't need a Kindle. Use the Kindle Cloud Reader.

You can read a Kindle ebook from most any type of computer device. Since there are many different ways to do this let me first tell you what I believe is the easiest and most straight forward.

To get started you'll need:

  1. a NPL account to borrow ebooks
  2. an Amazon account for access to the Kindle Cloud Reader
  3. an email address
  4. a PC or laptop with any browser.

    - There's an App to download on your tablet/pad I discuss later.

I will assume that you have a NPL account, an email address and access to a computer. If not get them.

If you need an Amazon account go to in your browser. In the upper right hand corner move your mouse over "Your Account" tab then click on "Start here" next to "New customer?" and just fill out the form.

 New Amazon AccountSignUp

Now we're ready to log into our Kindle Cloud Reader. YEA!

Put  in your browser. If you're still signed into your Amazon account you will be in your Kindle Cloud Reader ready for you ebook. If you're not logged in the "Sign in" page will appear. If you tried to use the IE browser then you will get the "Not available for this browser" page. Please use one of the browsers mentioned above. I use Google Chrome.

 KCR loginNo IE

Let's get an ebook with a Kindle format.

In your browser go to and click on "ebooks/eAudio". On that page sign in and start the ebook selections process. Remember to select an ebook that has the Kindle format. If you need help ask a Librarian, they will be glad to help.


When you reach the point in the ebook selection process that has the "Borrow" button please follow the rest of my instructions..

Make sure it has Kindle format under the "Available formats" section the click on "Borrow". Kindle Cloud Reader does not work with Kindle USB. At this point you should be on an Amazon page "Get Your Digital Library Loan". This is where the ebook transfer starts.

Click on "Get library book". This page should appear.

If your not logged into your Amazon account it will ask you to log in. Once logged in you should be at this page where it will ask you to select which device to deliver to.

As you see in my example I have 2 devices, my Android Tablet and my Kindle Cloud Reader. At this point you may only have the Kindle Reader to select. Select it now and "Continue"

Alternatively go to and log in. Hover over the "Your Account" tab and scroll down to the "Manage Your Kindle".

For the ebook you want to manage click on the "Action" tab arrow to view options for the ebook. Select "> Deliver to my...". The "Deliver Title" popup will appear. Select "Your Kindle Cloud" and click "Deliver"


If you not still logged onto your Kindle Cloud Reader,, do so now. If you don't see your book just click on the Re-sync button next to the word kindle.

Instead of going to the web page to get to the cloud reader there is a Kindle app for just about any device you can think of that you can download for free. I've downloaded one for my PC, my Android tablet, and a MAC. I have a kindle app in my Google chrome that is there no matter what computer I'm on.


Happy reading,



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