January 17, 2013 - 01:00 — Anonymous

Hi preschooler parents!  Have you ever visited our “Letter of the Week” spot in one of library's children’s departments?  There will be pictures of items that begin with that letter, along with children's first names, possibly your child’s or a friend’s.  You can pick up a coloring or activity sheet that highlights our "Letter of the Week", which you can do together at the library or at home.  After you view the "Letter of the Week", you can visit the children’s reference desk and request a hand stamp. And when you go home, you can continue to reinforce the letter by doing some of the following activities with your child:

Letter of the Week

 Talk about how the letter sounds and how it looks.
• Sing the alphabet song.
• Read a book with your child and look for words that have that letter in them.
• Help your child find objects around the house that start with the letter and then do a show-and-tell.
• Have a snack that begins with that letter.
• Go through old magazines and cut out appropriate pictures that begin with that letter and glue them into a book.

Check out the Library's Early Literacy page on our website to get more information about ways that you can help your child get ready to read.  Have fun!  Isn’t our alphabet amazing?


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