February 20, 2013 - 16:30 — Anonymous

Are you a trivia buff?  That is to say, are you brimming with completely, utterly, shamelessly trivial information?  (What?  Who, me?)  Okay, so maybe you're the modest type.  But if you can assent to any of the following statements, then you most certainly are:

  • Your friends hide their Trivial Pursuit set when you come over.
  • Your coworkers come The Winner Isto you before they Google.
  • You're secretly smarter than Ken Jennings.
  • You know who Ken Jennings is.
  • You could be a millionaire if you could just get a day off work (composing your five-hundredth contribution to Wikipedia) to go meet Meredith Vieira.

Or, if none of the above applies, maybe this one does:

  • You like french fries.

Aha!  I knew I'd get you eventually!  The truth is, you're a glorious nerd, and you belong at Library Trivia Night @ Jimmy's Grill.  Come flex your impressive trivia muscle (and try for your choice of prizes) at Jimmy's Grill (map) on Wednesday, February 27 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.  Come alone or bring a friend; teams of up to four are allowed.  At least one person per team must have a Naperville Public Library card.  Space permitting, non-cardholders are also welcome.  Call (630) 961-4100 ext. 6311 to register.


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