August 23, 2013 - 17:20 — Anonymous

Did you forget to renew your subscription to Field & Stream?  Do you need a copy of an article from the latest Naperville Sun?  Do you want to flip through the glossy pages of Life?  Or do you just need to do some research in medical journals?

Rolled Up NewspaperNo worries!  We've still got a healthy collection of magazines, newspapers and journals - both in print and electronically - at all Naperville Public Library locations! 

Come to your preferred NPL location and ask at any public services desk about periodicals.  Both NPL cardholders and reciprocal borrowers are welcome to check out any periodical earlier than the current issue, and NPL cardholders can also place holds and pick up their magazine or journal at any NPL location.

If you're up for some more academic research, don't forget about our online resources.  Many academic journals are available through General OneFile or LexisNexis (just run a search for your desired journal in our online catalog and check where you can find electronic articles).  These resources are available to anyone in the Library, and to NPL cardholders from home.

So stop waiting around for the mail carrier!  Come to your Library for that article, recipe, stunning photograph, or just plain magazine fix!

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