December 27, 2013 - 21:40 — WayneLex

The other day someone at the library asked me for help in creating a poster from an image. Here's one method of many. This is a non-app method.

    1. An image. ( .jpg, .gif, bmp, .png, .tiff, .. )
    2. Microsoft Word ( 2010 or later )
    3. Adobe Reader XI

A. Open MS Word
    1. Adjust to the smallest margin.
        a. PAGE LAYOUT > Margins > Narrow


B. Insert your image
    1. INSERT  > Pictures
        a. A "Picture Libraries" folder will appear.
        b. Navigate to the image you want and select.
        c. "Insert" or "Double Click"
    * You could also insert a clip art from "Online Pictures"


    2. Select best orientation.
        a. PAGE LAYOUT > Orientation > Portrait or Landscape
        b. Select best fit.


    3. Fit image to max size of page
        a. It's better to keep the ratio the same.
        b. Center the image.
            i. Select image
            ii. HOME > "Paragraph" > center
            * You can also ("Crtl" + E)

Fit image

C. Save as PDF
    1. Under FILE
        a. Select "Save As" > "Computer" > "PDF"
        b. Create a "File name" 

D. Open PDF
    1. Double Click on the pdf file name to open.


E. Print Poster
    1. File > Print


    2. Print Box
        a. "Printer:" select a printer
        b. "Page Sizing & Handling" select "Poster"
        c. "Tile Scale:" adjust increase in size.
    3. "Print"


"Tile Scale" setting guide for this image. This is depended on how much the page was filled.

  • 100% = 2 pages
  • 130% = 4
  • 190% = 6
  • 220% = 9
  • ........
  • 500% = 28 pages ( 8 pages are blank )


Have a Happy Poster!




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