January 21, 2014 - 10:00 — StephanieRivera

When the winter weather is too cold to play outside, there are plenty of fun activities to do indoors with your child. It can be entertaining to recreate the excitement of summer with an indoor sandbox. Fill up a cardboard box with rice cereal and add small toys for your child to discover with shovels, spoons, kitchen bowls, funnels, or pails. There are also several inexpensive alternatives to rice cereal, if you prefer to fill the box with something else. These materials can also create an interesting sensory experience for your child:

  • Shredded paper
  • Bird seed
  • Dried beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Foam packing peanuts

To minimize the mess and clean-up, place an old bed sheet or a shower curtain underneath the sandbox. After enjoying the sandbox, try reading several of these picture books about the beach.

Sally Goes to the Beach by Stephen Huneck
Sally, a black Labrador retriever, goes to the beach, where she enjoys various activities with other visiting dogs.

Beach Babble by Kimberley Knutson
Three children enjoy the sounds and sights of a day at the ocean.

Beach Feet by Kiyomi Konagaya
The brief text consists mostly of short sentences and phrases and perfectly captures the voice of a young child, alive with exuberance and joy. The pastel crayon drawings are full of movement, depicting waves erupting in white foam or washing along the shore in squiggly ripples.

Miranda's Beach Day by Holly Keller
Miranda and Mama spend a fun day at the beach building castles and catching sand crabs, and Miranda learns that just like the sand and the sea, she and her mother will always be together.

Beach by Elisha Cooper
Women, men, boys, and girls spend a day at the beach enjoying a variety of activities on the sand and in the water.