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Get into the holiday spirit with these new picture books:

Laugh your way through Turkey Claus, by Wendy Silvano, as Turkey, who is desperate to see Santa so that he can get Santa's help in eluding his fate
as Christmas dinner, tries out vaious disguises. Of course, Turkey eventually succeeds and once again has his family eating pizza instead of turkey!

Oh, no! What happens when Santa considers retirement? Santa is burned out and off to Mistletoe Island for a vacation with Mrs. Claus. With activities
from yoga to hula dancing, Santa is tempted to stay. What will happen when the holiday season rolls around? Find out in Santa Retires by David

cover-how do dinosaursDinosaur fans can get their fill in Jane Yolen's and illustrator Mark Teague's latest creations, How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas? and
How Do DInosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? The dinosaurs could get up to such antics as eating all of Santa's cookies or blowing out the candles on the
menorah, but instead they are peacefully asleep on Christmas Eve when Santa comes and they share the dreidel at Chanukah.

Have a western-style Christmas with the new book Cowboy Christmas by Rob Sanders. Cowhands Dwight, Darryl and Dub bemoan the fact that since
they are out on the range with the cows, there will be no Christmas for them: no presents, no stockings, and no Santy! Christmas activities such as
decorating a tree (cactus) have dismal, if hilarious results. Will this turn out to be the worst Christmas ever?

cover-charlie and kittyIn Ree Drummond's Charlie and the Christmas Kitty, Charlie the Ranch Dog is not pleased with the new kitty. Charlie takes a nap, in the hope that
the kitty would be gone when he wakes up. Unfortunately for him, the kitty is still there and is annoying as ever. How will Chralie turn this
situation around?

For some seasonal fun, check out Snowmen at Work by Caralyn and Mark Buehner, a whimsical look at a world populated by snow people. As in their
earlier books, children can look for the very subtly drawn hidden pictures in each painting.

Come into the library this month to browse our collection of holiday books!


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