Taking Care of Business

June 13, 2013 - 16:48 — KentPalmer
Taking Care of Business

 Does the volatility of the stock market's seemingly annual "June  Swoon" have you in a quandary?  Ever wanted to take an investing  class and learn more about the ups and downs of the market -  without feeling obligated to the financial planner giving the  instruction?

StockChartDownArrowNow just might be a good time to step away from those daily and weekly market cycles and get a little investing education.  A deeper understanding of what to expect can help calm an investor's worries when things get a little choppy.  But, how does one get that education without going to an advisor or broker who may look at it as a sales opportunity?  We may have just the solution for you!

Naperville Public Library members have remote access to several online resources focused on investing.  Some of these resources offer excellent online educational courses on investing.  The courses cover a wide variety of topics such as Understanding Value, Investing for the Long Run, What Matters and What Doesn't, and many more.  The courses can be studied online at your own pace, do not have to follow any prescribed sequential order and come with many support resources available to help you in your understanding of the material - such as glossaries.  Its a nice way to beat the heat and stay in the air conditioning, too, while you enhance your understanding of the markets.

Accessing Investment Online Resources

  1. Click on the Resources tab at the top of any page on the Naperville Public Library website.  The tab is located just beneath the library's name.
  2. When the Online Resources Collection page opens, click the Investment Category facet on the left.  Or click this link.
  3. When the Investment Resources Collection page opens, select the individual resources as described below, or any others of interest.

Morningstar Investment Reserch Center 

  1. Find Morningstar in the Investment Online Resources Collection and click the GO button.
  2. Morningstar's Investment Research Center's home page will open.  On this page, click the tab called Help & Education.
  3. On the Help & Education page, find the heading Investment Classroom.  Click on the desired curriculum.  Choose from Stocks, Funds, Portfolio and Bond curricula.

The Morningstar Investment Classroom offers 38 individual courses in the Stocks Curriculum, 50 courses in the Mutual Funds Curriculum, 50 courses in the Portfolio Curriculum and 20 courses in the Bonds Curriculum.

S&P Capital IQ NetAdvantage

  1. Find S&P Capital IQ NetAdvantage in the Investment Online Resources Collection and click the GO button.
  2. The NetAdvantage home page will open.  On this page, click the tab called Financial Education found at the end of the dark blue topline menu, just under the headline of the page.
  3. After the Financial Education page opens, select from the list of educational programs listed on the left.  Choose courses from How to Analyze Stocks, Wealth for Women, Your Money, or Taxing Matters.

Accessing the courses mentioned here and using the other resources located in the library's online resources collection can go a long way in easing an investor's mind this summer while the markets continue their mercurial ride.