January 11, 2013 - 15:56 — Anonymous
Stuck on your science fair project?  Freaking out about your AP science exam?  Doing a report about the Nobel Prize winners for physics?  Or do you just want to keep up with the latest hypotheses and eurekas in the science world?
If your answer to any of these questions is, "Yes, ma'am," then you're likely a student or a nerd.  Luckily for you, we welcome both types here.  And since you're so polite, I will introduce you to the perfect database.
Access Science Access Scienceis a dynamic new resource from the people at McGraw Hill Education.  Access study guides, essay topics and bibliographies from agriculture to veterinary medicine.  Take AP practice quizzes in physics, biology, chemistry, or environmental science.  Watch video biographies of notable scientists, including major award winners.  Read science headlines from the past 12 years, or just browse images and animations by the subject of your choice.  Best yet: if you create your own profile, you can save your favorite images and searches and come back to them!
If you're not yet relieved and impressed, you can always try our other science databases, or just come in to the Library!  We're a bunch of nerds, too.


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