August 23, 2013 - 11:29 — AmandaBlau

This summer children entering grades 3 - 5 submitted stories to us on the theme of travel.  We loved the stories so much we thought we would share them with you - one each week.  Here is Julia's story about a great day with a good friend. 


by Julia L.
Age 10


"Want to race?" I ask my best friend Akina O’Clear.  “You bet!”  She tells me, “on the count of three, one-two-three!” I say shouting, “three.”  I nudge Lillian, my horse with my heels to get her canter.  Lillian and I dodge sticks and fallen tree branches.  Lillian is a palomino horse; her coat is a beautiful brown.  “I win!” I shout win I beat Akina.  “Girls, come back,” my father calls out to us.  We ride back over to him and my mother.  “You girls can try the obstacle course once,” my mother tells us.  We ride through the obstacle course together then go back to my parents.  “It’s time to go girls.  Our two hours is up,” my father tells us.  “It’s been two hours already?” Akina asks.  “It feels like it’s only been twenty minutes,” I say.  Akina nods her head in agreement.  Then my parents, Akina and I dismount our horses and bring them back to the stables.


My parents decided to go to the farmers market.  When we get to the farmers market my parents asked Akina and me, “Do you girls want to have lunch here?” “I would love to have lunch here!” Akina says.  “I would love to have lunch here too!”  I tell my parents.  My parents buy us fruit and doughnuts for lunch, while we play tag.  “Nicki, Akina, find a table to eat at please,” my dad called out.  Akina and I lead my parents to a table.  “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Cherry for lunch and horseback riding,” Akina tells my parents.  “Can we get our faces painted?” I ask my mom.  “Okay, here’s two dollars,” my mother tells us while giving each of us one dollar.  When we get to the face painters Akina tells one of the face painters “I want a blue peace sign,” while I tell the other face painter, “I want a red heart.”  After our faces are painted we say “Thank you” to the face painters then go back to my parents.  “Are you girls ready to go home?” My mom asks us.  “Yes,” we reply in unison.  “It’s been a long day,” my mom says.  My dad, Akina, and I nod our heads in agreement. 


While we are going home Akina and I see an ice cream shop called Cherry on Top Ice Cream Shop. “Can we get ice cream, pleassssssse?”  We beg my parents.  “Okay” they say.  Akina orders a turtle sundae and I order a strawberry ice cream cone.  We eat our ice cream quickly so we can get home and have dinner. 5 hours later we are eating dinner which is pasta.  After dinner we put our pajamas on and go to bed.


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