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This summer children entering grades 3 - 5 submitted stories to us on the theme of travel.  We loved the stories so much we thought we would share them with you - one each week.
Here is Sulaiman's story about a trip to Brazil that is almost ruined by an evil boy, an evil robot and an evil chipmunk.  It is a madcap adventure and we enjoyed the ride.


Tinkitan and Tweetipity plus The Chipmunk
by Sulaiman Q.
Age 8


One day, Sulaiman, Sofiya, Jibby, and Riyaan were bored at home and wanted to go somewhere.  They decided to visit Brazil.  They had read about Brazil and wanted to see it.

Little did they know, that someone was watching them from a window.

Sulaiman packed his clothes, his super suit and his binoculars in his spy bag.  Sulaiman started to look around his house with his binoculars.  Suddenly, he saw the weirdest thing.

He jumped and looked closer.  Yes, there was a boy and a robot AND a chipmunk staring at him from the window.  Sulaiman screamed!

Sofiya, Jibby and Riyaan came running.  Well, Riyann came crawling because he is a baby.  But anyway, they all crowded around Sulaiman, who pointed wordlessly at the window.

Sofiya whispered, “Is that. . .?”  “Yes,” said Sulaiman, stunned.

Jibby said, “Ummm what are they doing there?”

“They must be spying,” said Sulaiman.

The boy, robot, and chipmunk lauged at them.  “We are Tinkatan, Tweetypeeti and The Chipmunk and we are here to stop you from going to Brazil!”

“Mmmm yummy chipmunk,” said Riyaan, the baby, who loved to eat everything.  “Augh,” said Jibby.  “You can’t stop us!” We’re too fast for you!”

Sulaiman had a plan.  He told everyone to climb into his green, super fast helicopter.  Then he started the engine and flew right up into the air.

“Yes,” said Sofiya, “We lost them!”  But when they looked behind them, they saw the three bad guys hanging from a rope dangling from the helicopter.
Sulaiman flew as high as he could.  He couldn’t fly any higher.  But still the bad guys hung on. Then he had another idea.  He flew above some tall trees and the bad guys crashed into the trees and came tumbling down.
The problem was that they were out of gas, and so Sofiya took control of the helicopter and landed it in the middle of a street below.

When they got out, Jibby asked, “Where are we?”
Sulaiman took out his electric, glow n’ dark map.  “Whoa,” he said. “We landed in Brazil.

“Ay Caramba,” yelled Riyaan.  The others stared at him because they didn’t know he spoke Spanish.

Suddenly, they heard loud music and saw brightly colored people dancing in the street.  They wore strange costumes, big masks, feathers in their hair, and so many things.  They were twirling and dancing and singing.

Riyaan started to move his hips, and Jibby joined in.  They were all laughing and having fun.  Then, Sofiya took out her book about Brazil and said, “Oh! We landed right in the middle of their Carnivale celebration!”

Jibby yelled over the music, “This is awesome!” Riyaan crawled very fast and jumped onto a float of a big, blue bird.  The others yelled at him to come down, but he was having a blast! So, they joined him.

While they were dancing, they saw Tinkaton, Tweetypeeti and The Chipmunk staring at them again.  They were very angry.  They started to chase the float.

Sulaiman and the rest of the kids jumped from one float to another.  And the three bad guys ran after them.  Then Jibby grabbed his bag, and took out some walnuts.  He threw them at The Chipmunk, who stopped, sniffed and started eating the nut.

“Stop eating, you rodent!” yelled Tinkaton.  But the Chipmunk ignored him.

So, only Tweetypeeti and Tinkaton were left.  The kids ran into the jungle, trying to escape them.

Then, Sulaiman saw a grey lake off in the distance.  He led the bad guys in that direction, and told them it was a swimming pool.  Tweetypeeti loved pools so he got distracted and jumped in.  He forgot he was holding his robot friend, Tinkaton’s hand, so they both fell in.  Suddenly, piranhas surrounded them and started to bite them.  “AUGH!” they yelled.

Sofiya turned around and asked, “Have you learned your lesson?”

They cried, “Yes! We didn’t want you to have fun, but now we will.  Help us!”  So the kids pulled the bad guys out of the lake, and the went to the Carnivale parade together.


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