September 7, 2013 - 15:39 — AmandaBlau

This summer children entering grades 3 - 5 submitted stories to us on the theme of travel.  We loved the stories so much we thought we would share them with you - one each week.

This is Tatiana's story about a wizarding family's vacation.  Instead of visiting a lake or a museum this family almost gets zapped by wizards and in deep trouble with vampires on their vacation.

Traveling in a Wizard World
by Tatiana F.

There was a family that was wizards and they were going to see a world that goes on forever.  Zack is the oldest, then Stevie, then Andrew.  They were going on an amazing adventure.

“OK,” said dad, “we are going to a world, be careful and stay with me.”

“Let’s see how everything works,” said Zack.

“Okay, hurry up,” said Stevie. 

“Let’s see actual wizards,” said Andrew.  Then when they walked in the room, “Watch out!” Zap! “Oh, sorry guys.”  “Sorry?  You almost sent us to Australia.” “Well, I was practicing the in and out spell on the door.” 

Then missing the whole time they got on the flying carpet to see the vampires.  “Ooooo,” said Stevie. “Next step watch out for the boss vampire.  No one ever knows what he is gonna do,” said dad.  “I need those teeth,” said Andrew.  He walked up to a vampire and said, “Gimme your teeth,” and tried to pull them out.  Luckily, security vampires stopped him.  “Come on, I will give you a ride,” said the vampire.

“Okay, this was fun, right?” said dad.  “Next time it’s goblins, angels and werewolves.” 

“Okay,” said Zack, “but after that we have to see MUMMIES!”

“Okay,” they all said.


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