September 13, 2013 - 20:03 — AmandaBlau

This summer children entering grades 3 - 5 submitted stories to us on the theme of travel.  We loved the stories so much we thought we would share them with you - one each week.  Here is Darrion's story of a family trip to Tennesee and North Carolina.  See if you know the answers to his trivia questions!


My Travelling Story

by Darrion

Age: 8

We were ready to go when we got back from breakfast.  We were going to the next hotel, on the way, we went to Mammoth cave down in (Tennessee).  It was raining when we were there, the Mammoth cave was a little spooky and gloomy for me.  The ranger told us a spooky story, once we walked down a path that was narrow, and found ourselves in a place that literally  goes on forever (walls), we went down a staircase, and found ourselves in a rocky underground hall way, then, we went down a very short passage.  Then, we went to this space that was words carved on the rock surface, the ranger told us another story, behind us was very very dark, we went up the longest staircase in the whole cave, then, we went down another passage way, it feels like we were walking around the circle, when we meet another group of people coming in for the tour, then we realized we are on our way to exit.

The next day, we kept travelling down to Chimney rock in Ashville.  I climbed stairs upon a wonderful view, we went a little more up the stairs and found ourselves standing on an enormous rock, there were smaller rocks on it, there was a US national flag, we standing next to the flag, Dad took a few pictures of me and my little brother Alexander.  Next stop, we went to Devils head, there are a lot of rocks, I thought it would be fun to climb on.  My little brother and I went climbing on rocks, I went to the highest point of the rocks, I feel like I did the most hardest thing in the world, I was so proud of myself.  Then, we went to the highest point of this park, exclamation point.  From there, we saw a helicopter; we also saw the cafe shop where we had lunch.  When we came back, we got some souvenirs, the first thing we saw was a 3Dish magnet, then, I thought this postcard would be a great reminder of Chimney rock, but my Dad suggested we should also get this badge for cub scouts.
• What did me and my little brother do at the devils head?
• We went down to mammoth cave in ?______(state)
• What were the souvenirs I got from gift shop?
• What were the trail points we went to?
• What were the two things we saw at the exclamation point?

The next day, we went to a few waterfalls in Ashville.  We also got some cool rocks from the waterfall, I got a rock that had pewter silver covered on it, for some reason my dad got a piece of rock that looks like a piece of bread, both our rocks has amber color on them, I voted that place 3 1/2 stars (from 1-5 stars.  Then we went to sliding rock, as I was sliding down the rock, I felt my rump several times, it hurt!  Then I crashed into the bottom of the rock, I had to swim in this pretty deep water, I lost one of my shoes, luckily someone got it back for me.  I thought it was a little scary, so I only tried two more times, but I got used to it.  We went back to car and dried myself up, and drove little more and saw another water falls, glass looking waterfall, this one just down at the roadside, it is spectacular.

The next day, we were on our road trip to smoky mountain national park, on the way there, we stopped by Pisgah inn for lunch where has a wonderful views of mountains.  Then we drove a little while, saw another great waterfall, skinny dip waterfall, this is so unique and beautiful, we wished we could stay a longer time there, but, the rain kicked in, all the sudden we were in the middle of the storm (and no where to hide and sheltered), I got the only poncho but I did not share as I got a little carried away and got a little selfish.  When we got back we ate dinner and watched a movie called Tintin and slept till morning.  We ate breakfast and left for home and hope to see you next time.

The end