October 6, 2013 - 15:46 — AmandaBlau

This summer children entering grades 3 - 5 submitted stories to us on the theme of travel. We loved the stories so much we thought we would share them with you - one each week.

Here is Eunice's story about a friendship with an alien named Zane.  I loved that her writing included such vivid details about the alien friend.   

Outerspace by Eunice Z.
I know an alien from Outer Space.  His name is Zane.  Zane is very fascinating.  Zane also gives me a lot of knowledge.  Did you know that when aliens like Zane are hungry they make a pouch called "Nutrition Boo"?  If they are sleepy they curl themselves into a ball.

One day it was Zane's birthday.  He invited me to Outer Space.  I didn't want to go but I didn't want to hurt Zane's feelings either.  So I decided to go.  I told him I was going and he whisked me into Outer Space.  Later I was playing cards when a girl walked in.  Who is that?  I asked, "She is my half cousin", replied Zane, "her name is Ally".  Suddenly Zane's face turned purple.  "What's wrong, Zane?" I asked.  In a soft voice Zane said "I'm going to throw puke", "Oh No!" Ally yelled.  When an alien like Zane puke, they explode!  "No!" I yelled, too.  Then suddenly I had an idea.  I punched one in the stomach and it worked!  His face turned green again and Ally hugged me.  Zane thanked me and then he announced, "The cake is coming"  When I saw the cake I knew it was going to be delicious.  I was right.  I chowed down immediately.

Then Zane said we were going in this saucer to explore Outer Space and the other plantets.  Me and Ally hopped in Zane's saucer and we took off.  Wow the planets are a true beauty!  Zane took us to all the planets and I couldn't stop cooing.  Later we went back to Zane's home.  There I saw all his relatives.  Then we told them all about the planets and then we watched Zane open his presents.  When he opened the sweater I had given him he immediately put it on.  Then he took me and Ally back to Earth.  When I was in the saucer I could hear distant voices crying out Bye Selena!  Bye Ally!

Later when I was at home, I was telling my sister Sasha about my adventure whne I saw a star twinkle outside.  It seemed to wink at me and then it disappered.  I felt happy but tired so I went to bed.  When my eyes were about to close I thought of the star and then I smiled and went to sleep.



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