November 13, 2013 - 11:23 — AmandaBlau

This past summer children entering grades 3 - 5 submitted stories to us on the theme of travel. We loved the stories so much we thought we would share them with you - one each week.


Here is Megan's story about a very small girl who goes on a big adventure. 


The Unbelievable Journey
by Megan R.
Age 9

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lulu.  She was very small for her age.  In fact, she waqs so small she could fit in a baby’s clothes.  One day she was so fed up with people saying, “Hey look here comes the mouse” or “I bet your brain is no bigger than a pea” she decided to run away. 

She ran as fast as she could till she could no longer see her town.  Suddenly, she came to a strange clearing.  There was a pond made of cocoa, a mountain made of ice cream and . . . . Pow!  A giant jaw breaker knocked her out. 

When she woke up she was surrounded by pirates on a weird ship.  The ropes on the sails were made of licorice and the floor was made of Hershey Bars. 

One pirate said, “What would a scaleywag like you be doing here?”

“Ummm,” said Lulu.

“Arrrg” said another as he shoved her to a room.

She looked out a small window and saw land.  She climbed up and squeezed out the window and swam to shore.  Then she ran as fast as she could home.  And she never got mad at someone for calling her small again!

The end!



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