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April is National Stress Awareness Month. While you may not need a designated month to make you aware of your own stress, you can use it as an opportunity to evaluate the stressors in your life - and how best to deal with them. According to the StressAmerican Psychological Association, 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms as a result of stress, and 73% experience psychological symptoms. These symptoms can range from fatigue to upset stomach to feeling angry or nervous. When facing stress, a library may not be one of the first places you would think to turn to, but the Naperville Public Library has many resources and upcoming events to help you cope with everyday stressors.

Material Resources
NPL has numerous materials available to educate you on recognizing and better managing feelings of stress. A few of these titles include: 365 Ways to Reduce Stress, Stress Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness, The End of Stress as We Know It, and others.
Our collection also includes materials to help you de-stress. The APA suggests exercise, meditation, yoga, reading, and listening to music as activities to help with relaxation. NPL has a large collection of exercise and yoga DVDs, including Yoga for Beginners and Relax & Restore (A 3-part program of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation); as well as relaxation CDs, such as River of Light: Getting Free of Stress (music and nature sounds), Relaxation Basics: A Doctor’s Prescription for Stress Relief (Book-on-CD), and Breathe Easy: Relieve Stress and Reclaim Balance (Book-on-CD).

Stress ReliefUpcoming Events
Another recommended activity for managing stress is journaling.  Join us on April 17 at 7PM at Nichols for the program “Write On! Journaling to Free Your Inner Writer.” This workshop will help you exercise your creativity and writing skills. Learn how to get in touch with your personal voice without judging your work.

The Naperville Public Library is currently sponsoring “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise,” a year-long initiative to help families and individuals develop healthier physical, psychological, and financial lifestyles. One of the upcoming HWW programs is “Health and Stress,” a lecture that will discuss the symptoms and effects of stress on the body.  Stress relief techniques will also be discussed. This program will take place on April 18 at 7PM at the 95th Street Library.

Since one of the top causes of stress is money, getting your finances in order can be a huge weight off your back. April 20-27 is Money Smart Week and the library will be hosting a series of workshops to help participants better manage their finances through advice and training. These workshops include:Money Smart Week
 - “Manage Investments @ Your Library” (April 22): Learn how to use online databases to select stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more. This is a HWW program beginning at 3PM at the 95th Street Library.
 - “Don’t Pay the College Sticker Price!” (April 23): Certified Financial Planner Joe Orsolini will cover the college financial aid system for all income levels and explain ways to maximize merit- and need-based aid eligibility. This is a HWW program beginning at 6:30PM at the 95th Street Library.
 - “Financial Analysis @ Your Library” (April 24): Learn how to use online databases to make informed decisions about banking, investments, and insurance. This is a HWW program beginning at 4PM at Nichols Library.
 - “Retirement Planning/Living” (April 24): Ken Cady from Naperville Bank & Trust will discuss retirement planning and savings options. This is a HWW program beginning at 6:30PM at Nichols Library.
 - “Bank on It” (April 25): Jahary Llacsa from Naperville Bank & Trust will discuss types of financial institutions, banking services, and deposit accounts. This is a HWW program beginning at 3PM at Nichols Library.


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