February 25, 2014 - 10:54 — DeannaDonovan

As winter drags on we find that there are days when we are simply stuck at home.  There is some good news on that front as the Library can help keep you happy and entertained at home on those days when you just can't make it in for story time.  I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite online databases, TumbleBooks.  

Our TumbleBooks Library is an online collection of animated, talking picture books that can keep you and your children entertained for hours using your home computer or the web browser on an eDevice.  Books featured in this collection are always available online.  You can browse the TumbleBooks Library Index for a complete list of titles in the collection. You can go right to the item you want by clicking on the title! The index displays the Title, Author, Type, and Accelerated Reader Level. Use the "Sort by" drop down in the top right hand corner to sort by these fields. The icons on the left hand side show if the title has an audio component (the red Audio icon) or supplementary materials like quizzes or lesson plans (the blue Supplementary Content icon).  You will find titles in other languages as well.  TumbleBooks has a large collection of Spanish language and French language titles as well as a few in other languages such as Russian and Chinese.

In addition to both story and chapter book titles, you'll find that there are sections for non-fiction books, videos, and a puzzles and games section. 

TumbleBooks is sure to keep your family happy and entertained for hours as you explore all that this special database has to offer.


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