December 14, 2013 - 11:14 — KentPalmer

Effective time management is difficult for many of us, particularly with the holiday season upon us.  It can feel overwhelming when holiday shopping, decorating and cooking are added to our usual family and work responsibilities.

One possibility for improving our time management skills is to take a tip given to Marissa Meyer, Yahoo’s CEO, by a college friend.  Like many people, she makes a to-do list each day, prioritizing tasks from most to least important.  What is key, however, is her attitude toward the list.  Instead of feeling guilty or anxious when she doesn’t finish everything on it, she advises us to “just embrace it”.  She points out that the bottom of the list is filled with relatively unimportant items---not worth stressing about!!

Here’s a much more detailed worksheet on effective time management from Ohio State University.    Although directed at small business owners/managers, it has many good hints for everyone.  It asks us to consider which activities can be delegated or eliminated and to pinpoint the major external and internal time wasters in our day.  Then it offers lots of suggestions for goal-setting, scheduling and developing good time management habits.

Finally, don’t forget some of the terrific books we have at the library.  Here are just a few that should help with your time management skills; click on the covers to check catalog listings and availability:


Wishing you a happy, stress-free holiday season!!