November 19, 2012 - 13:13 — DeannaDonovan

With Halloween just a sweet memory now and Thanksgiving popping up later on this week, children everywhere will be waiting for their holiday fun to begin.  The trouble is that waiting is a rough business for little ones.  I'd like to share a few ideas that might help take some of the sting out of the pain of waiting.

Advent calendars are a great way to celebrate each day up to the main event so no matter which holiday you are celebrating these ideas can be put to good use. 

  •  Stickers on a calendar - this is a simple suggestion but it's also one that is easily replicated and inexpensive.
  • Snowflakes on the window - cut a new snowflake shape everyday and add it to a window.  You can even number them!
  • Wrap up some library books in gift wrap and open them one at a time every day of advent. (This one is a family favorite of Miss Susan at Nichols!)
  • Cut strips of paper and make a paper chain either building up to the day or one being removed for each day.  (This one is great for those hard to wait for birthdays!)
  • Come up with a number of boxed or bagged inexpensive trinkets or treats and open only one each day.  (This also works well to occupy a little one when mommy or daddy needs to make an important phone call.)
  • Hang a clothesline across a wall and each day hang up one of those lonely mismatched, single socks or mittens.  (Who knows, maybe you'll be able to square things up?)
  • Create a note or wish jar and read one note or wish each day. (This one can be lots of fun especially if all members of the family contribute and keep their contribution a secret.)

These are just a sampling of the fun to be had while waiting for the big day.  If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to share, we would sure love to hear about them.


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