August 27, 2013 - 09:48 — CarlaEisley

SEPTEMBER is a sensational month! Most of us think of September as "Back to School" Month, but it is much more!

It's also: Library Card Sign-up Month, National Piano Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, and Childrens' Good Manners Month.

And, September boasts so many special days. How many of the following did YOU know about?

September 2: Labor Day Holiday.

September 3: Naperville Public Library Childrens' Storytimes start!

September 4: The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset.

September 8: International Literacy Day

September 9: National Grandparents Day

September 11: Patriot Day, commemorating 9/11.

September 13: The Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur begins for those of the Jewish faith.

September 16: Birthday of H.A. Rey, author CURIOUS GEORGE.

September 19: Full Moon and "TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!"


September 21 : International Day of Peace.

September 22: Autumn begins, and it's also HOBBIT Day!

September 24: National Punctuation Day.

September 25: Author Shel Silverstein's birthday (author of WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS)

September 26: Johnny Appleseed's birthday

September 30: THe first printed book (Gutenberg's BIBLE) was published in 1452!


Now, on to OCTOBER!