December 4, 2013 - 19:11 — Anonymous

Thinking you'll buy an e-reader for a loved one this holiday season?  Already spent too long standing in the electronics department at your favorite big box store choosing between them?  We feel for you.  In the years since the first e-book readers were released, more and more devices with more and more features are popping up, and the decision can be difficult. 

But no worries!  We can help keep it simple at the Library.  E-Reader GiftCome on in (or stay at home) and explore your options.

If you like to do your research first:
Access Consumer Reports from our Resources page (Naperville Public Library card log-in required from home) and peruse this year's e-book reader buying guide.  Get the expert break-down on screen size, touch screen responsiveness, back-lighting, WiFi, capacity and cost.  If you're completely unfamiliar with e-readers, they start with a nice FAQs page on the definition and merits of the device - including how some differ from tablets.
Or take a look at OverDrive's Device Resource Center for a second opinion.  Our digital catalog is provided through OverDrive, so this is also a good way to get to know our e-book collection and which devices are compatible with the formats you prefer (e-book and e-audiobook).  iPad WomanLearn the difference between an ePUB and a PDF file, and which devices work best with which.
If you like to take your time trying one out:
You can always play with one at Best Buy, but for some extended quality time with an e-reader, check out one of the Library's circulating e-readers.  We have Nook Simple Touches, Nook Tablets, and Kindles pre-loaded with e-books by genre - and the Kindles are in foreign languages!  They circulate for 3 weeks just like print books, and they can also be renewed.
So, there you go.  There's no need to panic with Naperville Public Library here.  Once the device is purchased, we can even help train you to use it!


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