May 17, 2013 - 02:00 — LisaKessler

Yoga for kids is growing in popularity, and most of us are aware of the physical benefits, but did you know yoga may also help your child get ready to read? Many movements in yoga can be linked to early literacy, according to For example, making the sounds of animals during poses helps kids learn phonelogical awareness, an important skill in preparing children for reading. Yoga for kids often incorporates fun movements linked with singing, playing, and talking, all important early reading skills. In our area, there are several yoga studios providing classes led by instructors with specialized training in children's yoga. You can find them at or visit our library to find great yoga books and dvds for children!

You Are a Lion!

Babar's Yoga for Elephants

The Kid's Yoga Book of Feelings
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Baby and Toddler Yoga
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