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  • The Windup Girl
    I would recommend it. Good book set in the future when the earth has been devastated by genetically engineered plagues that ran amok and destroyed everything as we know it. It is a world where Calorie men try to search out food plants from before the plagues so they can engineer them to resist diseases and really the corporations want the to maintain a monopoly on the food supply. The book does start off slow and it is sometimes hard to tell good guys from bad guys. It is a story of survival. Very interesting.... more

  • The Wounded Land
    You know how there are some series where people say: just read the first two books and then stop. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant grew to encompass ten books. And while Stephen Donaldson is a terrific writer and the series is very good, one can certainly make a case for stopping after this book. The Wounded Land does an amazing job of taking everything that Covenant thought he knew about the Land and turning it on its head. There is a line in the book: what can you do to hurt someone who has lost everything? Give them something back but make it broken. Donaldson excels at creating a sense of wonder in his worlds and the Wounded Land takes this a step beyond in its inventiveness. This book poses many questions that the reader is burning to have answered. The two books that follow are worth reading to get to those answers; however, my memory of them makes me willing to wait to re-read them. ... more

  • Gone Girl
    A rollercoaster. Constantly throwing hooks. Very interesting read. ... more