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Summer Reading Program 2014 Adult

  • What Jesus Meant
    For Wills, a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, critical attempts to get behind the text of the New Testament to the "historical Jesus" completely miss the point. He also rebukes those who would appropriate Jesus for pop culture (WWJD?) or political agendas ("America is a Christian nation!"). Rather, Wills shows us that Jesus was an outcast from birth to death, alienated from religion, politics, and even his own family for the sake of inaugurating Heaven’s Reign. In the new kingdom that Jesus was bringing in his own person, miracles of overflowing abundance are done for the sake of the unclean and despised, the rich end up in hell for ignoring the beggars at their gates, and spiritual hierarchies are abolished including those that place women beneath men. Wills is highly critical of all the ways that today’s institutional churches, including his own Roman Catholic church, have failed Jesus by bringing back empty ritual and spiritual hierarchies. For Wills, only those who commit to a radical agenda of total love can truly be called the mystical body of Christ. "What Jesus Meant" is a challenging book that might provoke anyone who thinks that going to the right church on Sunday is enough to be a Christian to reassess their lives and priorities. ... more

  • Magic Rises
    Great urban fantasy with strong characters and action packed plot. Lots of magic, shapeshifters, a great villain and some romance too. I highly recommend this series and eagerly anticipate Magic Breaks when in comes out this summer.... more