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Summer Reading Program 2014 Adult

  • Inn at Last Chance
    It was okay. I have not read any of her other books before. The plot was thin and rather unbelievable in parts. Not sure I would read more of her books based on this one. Would not recommend unless you are a fan of her books already.... more

  • The Path : A new look at reality : based on the writings of Harold W. Percival
    Richard Matheson's The Path: A new look at reality is quite an eye, or should I say mind, opener. A brief yet densely packed encapsulation of the life's work of theosophist Harold W. Percival, The Path is cleverly written as a series of conversations between an everyman and a man of extraordinary wisdom, with each lesson building upon the last. For fans of Matheson, The Path also offers a look at the source of the author's own metaphysics. The Path may not be for everyone, but for those ready to ponder the nature of thinking and how those thoughts become reality Matheson's book is the first step in a long journey. ... more

  • Sous Chef
    If you want to know what goes on in a restaurant kitchen read this book. The nice part is when you are done you will still want to eat in restaurants!... more

  • Air Bound
    Third book in the Sisters of the Heart series, Feehan again creates strong characters with lots of action and romance. You will enjoy it best if you have read the first two books in the series.... more