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Summer Reading Program 2014 Adult

  • The Heretic's Daughter
    I really enjoyed this book. Very well written. Made me feel as if I was really in the late 1600's. Sad and awful part of our history regarding the Salem witch trials, made sadder by the fact that the book is based on the author's family history. Makes one think how fear, ignorance, and prejudice toward anyone who is different still exists today. Lesson to be learned here.... more

  • The Daughters of Mars
    Written by the author of Schindler's List, this historically based novel is about two competitive sisters who are nurses from Australia and tend the wounded during WWI. The novel is full of compelling and good characterizations.... more

  • And Then There Were None
    I am a big fan of Agatha Christie mysteries. And Then There Were None was definitely the creepiest thriller that I read of her stories.... more