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Magazine 1Zinio allows you to stream or download full color, cover-to-cover digital issues of magazines both current and back issues.
Checkout and read magazines on your computer (PC or Mac) or on your portable Internet-enabled device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire/HD, Win 8, Blackberry Playbook, or Nook HD/HD+).

  • No Holds
  • No Due Dates
  • No Limits on Quantities

Getting Started

Magazine 2You need two Zinio accounts!
1.    A NPL Zinio collection account to browse the library’s magazine collection and to check out free titles.
2.    A account to read magazines online or to download magazines to a Zinio Reader app.

Use your NPL Zinio collection account to find free magazines and checkout !   DO NOT use the Zinio Reader app or the website to browse and subscribe since that content is not part of the library’s collection. is a commercial site, and it is possible to purchase magazine subscriptions there. 

NPL Zinio Collection Account
a.    Go to NPL’s Zinio Collection
b.    LoginIn the upper right corner, click on Create New Account or on Log in:

Browse and Checkout

  1. Browse or search for the magazine you want.  Select the issue you want, either the current issue or a back issue
  2. Click Checkout
  3. Select Keep Browsing or Start Reading
  4. A new browser window will open at Account

  1. Create a Zinio Account using the same email and password combination you used for the NPL Zinio Collection account.  (The email address will automatically fill.)
  2. If you already have a Zinio Account, log in to
  3. At, you will see Your Reading List – a list of all the magazines you have checked out.  You can click on any magazine cover to read it.
  4. To manage email communications from Zinio, click the Gear icon and chose Account Settings. In the left hand column, select Preferences.  You can then customize what email Zinio sends you.

Reading Online
Magazines can be streamed while online from a PC or Mac, just go to your account and click on the magazine you want to read. Use the navigation tool bar across the bottom to view the magazine.

Zinio DownloadTo read from a mobile device, the magazine must be downloaded to an app and read offline. Use your account login to register the app on your device. Free apps can be found in the app stores for iPhone, iPad, Android, Win 8, and Blackberry.  Kindle Fire/HD and Nook HD/HD+ need to download the app from the NPL Zinio Collection page.

The Zinio Reader app can only be used to read magazines.  Browsing and checking out magazines must be done using a web browser on a computer or mobile device.

Reading Offline

Magazines can be downloaded for offline viewing to PCs and Macs as well as iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire/HD, Win 8, Blackberry Playbook, and Nook HD/HD+ mobile devices.