Adult SRP Reviews 2014

By Patrons

  • Champion by Marie Lu
    Great Ending to the series. It makes you wonder what will happen to the republic and colonies and if the united states will come back to it's glory....
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  • Trader Vic's Tiki Party by Steve Siegelman
    Great quick recipes for signature classic cocktails and tablescapes and appetizers for a get- together.??includes coffee drink recipes....
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  • kentucky the Bluegrass State by Patrick Perish
    General categories book with great photos showing Derby, history of Kentucky, recipe, wildlife, Ft. Knox. Serves as good accompaniment to read with kids on a roadtrip to KY....
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  • Punch by Colleen Mullaney
    Excellent recipes, photos, amd tsblescapes. Perfect to use with summertime mint, and berries from garden. ...
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