Adult SRP Reviews 2014

By Patrons

  • Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie
    What can I add to what has already been said? It's Murder On The Orient Express! By Agatha Christie! If you have any interest in mysteries, and you haven't read this yet, go get a copy and read it. Right now. ...
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  • Suspicion by Joseph Finder
    I thoroughly enjoyed it. How can a loan from a friend lead to involvement with a Mexican drug cartel, the DEA and the FBI. A single father of a teenage daughter who finds himself cash strapped as a biographical writer finds out....
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  • The Mammoth Hunters by Jane Auel
    Part of a series of books on prehistoric people and their lives. The author has done vast research into the probable conditions of where these people lived at the time and immersed herself in their world, spinning spellbinding tales that draw you in. Well worth it!...
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  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
    Great. Story of a young family in Brooklyn, NY, in the late 1800s; early 1900s, mostly through World War I. Their trials and tribulations--they are NOT wealthy--Dad is a drunk, Mom is a scrubwoman, the kids are loved but not well provided for. The author weaves a magic spell, drawing you into their lives and world. You hate to see it end, she so vividly describes things....
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  • Home Improvement - Undead Edition by Charlaine Harris
    Awful. A collection of short stories about home improvement with vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc. Many of the stories are not thought out well, poorly told, plotless wonders. Stephen King need not lose sleep over these. Waste of time....
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