Adult SRP Reviews 2013

By patrons

  • Dragon Ship by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
    This book follows up "Ghost Ship" and Theo Waitley get hauled deeper and deeper into Clan Korval's problems. But the sentient ship (Bechimo) that she now pilots proves to be up to the task....
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  • Plutocrats by Chrystia Feeland
    This book provides an interesting point of view regarding the super rich. While I do not agree with all of the point presented, I am thinking about some of the points made....
    Rating: 4 Check Catalog!

  • Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
    This book features Theo Waitley as she progresses as a starship pilot. It follows "Fledgling", "Saltation", and "Mouse and Dragon" where she attains the first class pilot class and now she starts to get involved with Korval's problems in the Liaden universe....
    Rating: 5 Check Catalog!

  • The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
    What I really liked about this book was the timeless wisdom that Gibran was able to weave throughout the book on a matter of different subjects. Gibran explores everything from passion to death and while the book can seem like quite a mental load, it is a quick read!...
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  • Miles in Love by Lois McMaster Bujold
    Omnibus edtion includes 2 novels and a novella. Novels are "Komar' and "A Civil Campaign' and the Novella is "Winterfair Gifts". This book chronicles Miles Vorkosigan's wooing and marriage to Ekaterin Vorsiosson....
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  • Infamous by Lauren Conrad
    It was a good book. However, it seems to be meant for people who are more obsessed with keeping up with the stars of Hollywood....
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