Adult SRP Reviews 2014

By Patrons

  • Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkein
    This is the last volume of the 3-volume set "The Lord of the Rings", my favorite book. I read it again for a summer book club, and it was interesting discussing it with younger people who had seen the movie before reading the book. Full of heroism, strong characters, exciting scenes, and touching scenes....
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  • Invisible by James Patterson
    Very interesting the way we know what the protagonist is thinking by reading his thoughts as an occasional chapter in the book. An FBI records analyst just knows that her sister's death was not due to an accidental fire. She vigorously traces the details of other "accidental" fire deaths and found similarities between the deaths leading to the murderer/arsonist. And what a surprise unexpected ending. ...
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  • Mrs. Hemingway by
    This fictionalized biography of the 4 wives of Ernest Hemingway was very dark and somber focusing on the divorces more than the marriages themselves. It is a good portrayal of the disfunctionality of the famous author even though the book at times is hard to follow. A good companion book to a true biography of these women....
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  • Walking with God through pain and suffering by Timothy J. Keller
    It is a wonderful book. Very much needed in this day and time. It makes you understand why God is needed through the time when you are experiencing suffering and pain. This book that will live through our generation. Very helpful and thought-provoking. ...
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