Adult SRP Reviews 2014

By Patrons

  • Love Letters by Bryan Mooney
    The story of a building romance between a women who finds love letters in a book and the man that wrote them...
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  • Bones by Jan Burke
    Suspensful and twisted novel of a serial killer and the group assigned to him to help find the bodies of his victims....
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  • Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller
    Very insightful. Keller uses the book of Job throughout, what better example. He also includes quotes from other authors and theologists, such as C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien and George McDonald. It lead me back through my past and helped me to obtain closure for the past and hope for the future....
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  • Blood Will Out by Walter Kirn
    The con artist and murderer calling himself "Clark Rockefeller" duped many people during his time in America. Walter Kirn, magazine writer, considered at one time by Clark to be his best friend, has the perfect skill set to turn Clark's story into an engrossing book....
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  • FALLEN by Slaughter, Karin
    Heavily features main characters Will Trent and Sarah Mitchell. Shows the strengths and weaknesses of male and female characters, including Faith Mitchell, whose mother has been kidnapped. Explores more of the personal history of the first women in law enforcement in that area to make it a career....
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  • FRACTURED by Slaughter, Karin
    Book where main characters Will Trent and Faith Mitchell first meet up. Also have suspect with dyslexia as well. Frequent Slaughter victim is helpless teen. One of the better ones, filling out parts of the Mitchell/Trent background. Seeing the results of abandoned children, both good and bad, on the world when they become adults. One of the best Slaughter books....
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