Library again earns five-star distinction

JulieRothenfluhFor the seventh consecutive year, the library has earned a five-star ranking from the Library Journal's Index of Public Library Service. The index measures circulation statistics, library visits, program attendance and public computer usage on a per capita basis.

It is the use of the library and its services that drive the rating; however, the library’s success wouldn’t be possible without staff working together to provide great services, programs and environments that bring customers to the library. The five-star distinction only further signifies the value of library staff who maintain the highest level of customer service. In addition, the dedication to providing state-of-the-art technology, useful resources and engaging programs also helps the library continue to be the central hub of innovation, education and exploration in Naperville.

“At NPL, we're dedicated to excellent customer service, whether staff is answering a question, presenting a program, providing resources or instructing someone on the use of our products or services,” Executive Director Julie Rothenfluh said. “As our recently completed Customer Satisfaction Survey indicates, we listen to what our customers have to say and do our best to meet their needs in a friendly, efficient manner.”

Using 2012 data from 7,586 libraries, about 85 libraries received the five-star rating this year, with the library being one of only six Illinois libraries to receive the index's highest distinction.

“One of the main things that sets NPL apart is the tremendous support we get from our community,” Rothenfluh said. “The citizens of Naperville are big library users, whether it's our materials, our programs or any of our other services. We also have great support from city staff, city council and a dedicated library board.”