BiblioTek to Help Innovators Build on Business Ideas

Idea Lab to complement new business concept

Naperville Public Library soon will open its BiblioTek, a forward-thinking initiative that will provide research resources, branding ideas, mentorship as well as space for entrepreneurs, innovators and business people.

Using the library’s current staff, resources and equipment, the BiblioTek, which is a work-in progress, is slated to be completed in the spring. Developed after a similar concept at Scottsdale Public Library in Arizona, the BiblioTek will be a dedicated space or hub for like-minded business owners and innovators to bounce business ideas off one another.

“Every day in the library you see business people using the computer lab. A lot of it is really a need that is already in the library,” Executive Director Julie Rothenfluh said. “We can help to further economic development in the community.”

Nichols Library will have programs and classes dedicated to the BiblioTek initiative. At 95th Street Library, an Idea Lab also will complement the BiblioTek concept. Expected to be implemented in February, the lab will provide space and resources for patrons who want to use programs like Adobe software or equipment like a green screen as well as a 3-D scanner and 3-D printer.