Black Acre: A Remembrance


Black Acre: A Remembrance.  36 min.  [Naperville, Illinois, 1993].  DVD.  Produced by Herb Nadelhoffer and Mary Lou Wehrli.  Copyright held by Herb Nadelhoffer and Mary Lou Wehrli (permission granted to the Naperville Public Library for use on this site.)

The Nadelhoffer farm in Lisle Township, DuPage County, was purchased by John Nadelhoffer in 1873, and sold to housing developers in 1972 because of high real estate taxes and a suburban housing  boom.  The farm housed prize-winning dairy cows, horses, and fields of alfalfa, clover, and hay.  The great grandsons of John Nadelhoffer, Herb and Carleton, narrate a story of how the rural way of life has gradually disappeared amid subdivisions and shopping malls.  Interviews with farmers Junie Landorf, Paul Miller, and Katherine Finkbeiner round out the story.  Scenes of the Nadelhoffer home and farm buildings being demolished are graphic evidence of how the richest soil in the world has disappeared in the name of progress.