Meet Our Executive Team Members

We welcome you to contact us via email or phone at 630-961-4100.

Julie Rothenfluh, Executive Director Julie Rothenfluh
Executive Director
Phone ext. 6144
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Olya Tymciurak, Library Manager of Nichols Library Olya Tymciurak
Library Manager
Nichols Library
Phone ext. 6307
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Karen Dunford, Library Manager of 95th Stree Library Karen Dunford
Library Manager
95th Street Library
Phone ext. 4900
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Library Manager of Naper Blvd. Library David Della Terza
Library Manager
Naper Blvd Library
Phone ext. 2210
Jeff Scheuerman, Finance Manager Jeff Scheuerman
Finance Manager
Phone ext. 2228
Sue Ashe, HR & Org. Dev. Manager Sue Ashe
HR & Org. Dev. Manager
Phone ext. 2229
Kimberly Neidermyer, Marketing Manager Kimberly Neidermyer
Marketing Manager
Phone ext. 4913
Frances Tong, Information Technology Manager Frances Tong
IT Manager
Phone ext. 4980